EPHEMERIS VENUS BROWN - bespoke service available

EPHEMERIS VENUS BROWN - bespoke service available

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EPHEMERIS is an ultra slim watch with a poetic dimension: its stainless steel dial shows the eight planets of the Solar System, in the position they were on your special day.
EPHEMERIS is unique and truly personal, a perfect gift for you or for someone you care about.

To create your EPHEMERIS, tell us a date that is important to you – it can be anytime, in the past or in the future, your wedding day, your birthday, your graduation day, a moment that matters to you.
We designed our own software to calculate the position of the planets – the ephemeris – on your day.
Your watch will be built with a custom-made dial plate, engraved with a unique pattern showing the map of the solar system on your special day.

The brushed bezel contrasting with the polished case illustrates a rich and balanced combination of stainless steel finishes.

AUTEUR Calf skin leather strap is vegetable tanned.
This eco-sustainable tanning technique does not include chemicals in the process and provides superior durability and strength.
The soft nubuck lining ensures optimum comfort.

Designed in the 50’s, this unconventional mesh of thin, soft and durable stainless steel wires offers incomparable comfort.
It also adds a “vintage” note, while preserving the elegance of the timepiece through material and color consistency.

Keep a special moment with you: a custom-made watch with the map of the solar system on the day you choose.
Made to order, EPHEMERIS is a unique and personal memento of your most precious moment.
Enter a date below and preview the alignment of the planets on this special day!

**Please add a note when you checkout with the date you like, our service team will get back to you to confirm shortly!